Welcome to Cue The Music, Total Music Supervision

“A special thanks should go to Don Gallacher, our music supervisor, who I’m convinced really does know almost everything to do with music licensing for film”

Vadim Jean – director “One More Kiss”

The term ‘Music Supervisor’ means different things to different people.

Don Gallacher and his team at CUE THE MUSIC (“CTM”) offers a total, one-stop, worry-free music supervision service for the full duration of a complete production schedule.

Think of the service as ‘Music Production Management.’

The choice of music is always in the hands of the director and his or her creative team.  An important part of CTM’s role is in advising on options and alternatives, protecting the producer from vastly expensive errors in the use of copyright music.

The fees are fixed for a task or an entire production with no hidden extras. On every movie that Don Gallacher has worked, the savings on music costs more than covered his fees.

This year Don is pleased to announce a new business partner – Liza Kumjian Smith, who brings an enormous wealth of experience in the music business to the company

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